Meet The Owners

Dean and Karen Husted started their company in 1991, incorporating as Desert Homes Development, Inc., in 1995. The company specializes in full home remodeling, utilizing the skills of subcontractors, many of whom have worked with them for years. Project Managers supervise the construction process, and Dean and Karen make regular site visits. The company provides detailed bids for every project.

Dean and Karen treat each client with the respect and integrity they would want to experience. They understand the responsibility that comes with working in the homes of clients and the mutual trust that is required during that process.

Please call for your complimentary consultation. Let us turn your vision into reality!
Desert Homes Development, Inc. is among a very small group of companies that have won the Best of Scottsdale Award for Single Family House Remodeling for eight consecutive years. This distinction has qualified Desert Homes Development, Inc. for the 2019 Scottsdale Business Hall of Fame.