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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my project cost?
We don't know. Every project is different. However, DHDI can provide cost guidelines so you will know whether your project is within your budget before you invest in plans and we invest our time in the bidding process.
What do you charge per square foot?
What most people really mean by that is "how much will my project cost?" Some builders advertise a square footage price, we do not. Our projects vary too much..  If you are building a 3000 SF house with a 4-car free standing garage versus a 2-car attached garage, with all other things being equal, your price per SF will differ. Ditto whether you want custom solid wood doors versus hollow-core doors, a spa-type tub with custom imported fixtures versus a walk-in shower with standard fixtures, etc.
May I buy my own products?
That depends. Our mark-up is based on the entire price of the project. We pass along our builder discounts to our customers on their product selections. Often our builder discount is greater than our mark-up. We have the obligation of protecting the product during installation.  Depending on the product, there may be warranty issues if you purchase your own product. As a general rule, the answer would be no, but there may be exceptions, depending on the type of product and the circumstances.
What type of warranty do you offer?
2 years. Products often carry their own manufacturers warranties that exceed 2 years.
Can I change my mind as the project progresses?
We try to be very accommodating about Change Orders. If you are the type of person who wants to do things in stages because you want to make your product decisions as you see the project develop, we can either do the project on a cost-plus basis, or we can offer allowances for certain selections, rather than requiring all your choices to be made in advance. Just be aware that decisions made on special order products after the project is underway may significantly delay the completion date.
Can you help me find an architect?
Yes. Or you can provide plans to us. We prefer you work directly with the architect.
Will you provide references?
Dean will gladly take you thru some projects we have completed and furnish you with a list of references prior to doing your job. However, in deference to our clients' privacy, references are not given out until we know you are a serious potential customer.


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